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PT. BACA: Bintang Anugerah Cahaya Abadi

Medical Instrument & Health Care Supply
Industries Pharmaceutical & Nutrition

About Us

Bintang Anugerah Cahaya Abadi head quartered in Jakarta was established recently to serve the rapidly growing healthcare industry in Indonesia with +16% CAGR since 2008. Our company resources have combined 41 years of field operating and senior management experiences in Medical Instrument & Health Care Supply industries Pharmaceutical & Nutrition, specializing in Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Procurement and Customer Support functions.

Our Mission

Provide Available, Affordable and Acceptable variety of health care product, services and solutions.

Our Vision

Deliver the right products, services & solutions at the Right Moment, within the Right Price Range, utilizing the Right Efforts.

PT BACA services

Add Values - Create Values

To remain competitive, Bintang Anugerah Cahaya Abadi needs to Add Values by constantly Creating New & Innovative Values whereby customers’ perceived intrinsic and extrinsic benefits had to exceed its factual price and cost.

Availability - Affordability - Acceptability

Constantly Available in many parts of the country and major customer segments offering competitive prices within the reach of an emerging nation which is usually price and value sensitive. To be accepted by prospective Customers, Bintang Anugerah Cahaya Abadi needs to go simply beyond product features and benefits and offer integrated customer services and solutions

Synergy of Global & Regional Competencies

Our government and private sectors business experience and hands-on regional and local market knowledge and network should be synergized through mutually profitable business partnership with international principals and producers.

Seek - Serve - Solve

Continually seek new market opportunities and product innovations to effectively serve the market and customers by offering them our principals and products line up to solve customer’s increasingly complex needs.

Company Business Scope

We create exclusive & creative Stuffs for our awesome clients


Import directly from first source being Authorized Distributor or Sales & Service Agent mainly from established international principals to complement existing a few local principals


Sell directly through Wholesalers in OTC Market or to Private Institutions such as privately owned Hospitals, Polyclinics, Medical Centers and Clinic Laboratories or to Ministry of Health and state owned Provincial, Regency and County Hospitals and Health Posts


Distribute physically to government, institutional, specialties and conventional market channels and logistics to many challenging parts of Indonesia (as world’s largest archipelago market) located in over 15 major provinces spread to 80 regencies and 30 focused islands


Constantly engage in local Market Research, Market Area Development, Market Channel Development, Customer Development besides Product Promotions and Prospecting activities on the ground to generate Clientele and repeat Sales Orders.

Customer Servicing Maintenance

Pro actively offer complete range of customer supports and solutions during pre or post sales on the ground through regional technical or customer supports representative or through centralized remote links and hot line call center.

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Product Category

we sell a wide range of products ranging from medical equipment, hospital equipment, sterilization equipment and much more and we are also one of the distributor of Indonesian government e-catalog


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